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It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Today is seems like our culture is allergic to feelings. least we were until Ella Mai had us bopping to Boo'd Up. We're living in a age where it seems wrong to have feelings. You're judged one way or another. Frustration is labeled as anger. Sadness is labeled as weakness. Anxiety and depression are labeled as crazy. Seems like y'all will slap a label on anything but a relationship...bloop! But I digress lol. We have unconsciously bought into a facade where we have to pretend to be okay. To put on a front for people because we don't want to seem weak, crazy and angry. Instead we cover up of true emotions with one terrible habit: suppression. Suppressing your feelings is like mixing Patron and Hennesey. It's a terrible ass idea! Let me explain why. Have you ever bought a soda, shaken it up, left it alone for a minute or two and then tried to open it? What happened? It exploded didn't it? Sounds familiar? I'm so sure.

That's the same thing that's happening to you when you bottle those emotions. You keep it all inside until the smallest amount of pressure causes you to erupt and spew hate fire at people who more than likely don't deserve it. Weird flex, but okay. Here's why it's okay to not be okay: it produces emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a skill you need to navigate through life not only to understand how to deal with others but also how to deal with yourself. Self-awareness breeds that emotional intelligence. To know that, "hey I'm not okay right now" is smart! Not weak. Not crazy. Not stupid. Smart. Now I'm not recommending that you go out and just tell the world how you feel. That's not a good idea either. However, I am encouraging you to have a circle of friends or family, who are also emotionally intelligent, and express how you're feeling. The one good thing about that shaken bottle of coke , is that once the fizz settles, the goodness that follows is unmatched. You have a level of peace after you release some of that heaviness because you're releasing some of that pressure you're feeling. "They" don't pay your bills. "They" don't feed nor clothe you, so forget what "they" have to say. Now here's the real trip: the gag is, the "they" is you. You are the only person that can make you do anything. You have subconsciously allowed your emotions to be suppressed, adding baggage to not you but your relationships as well. If it's a friend, a journal, a therapist, or a family member, please open up and pour that out. And once you do, let it go. Life is going to be full of ups and downs. If you don't learn to manage, acknowledge and talk about your emotions, you're going to get stuck where you are. Don't let that emotional baggage slow you down. You're going through and storm, but you're not meant to stay there. Get through it beloved. And while we know everything is going to be okay, it's okay to acknowledge that right now, it's not okay.

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